When Light Gets Lighter

By The Angler

Fishing tackle manufacturers have always been looking for ways to build the lightest fishing tackle. The fishing rods and reels that we have today, makes fishing rods and reels from long time ago feel like rocks and boulders. It’s not just the weight. In terms of performance, the levels are so different. What used to feel like a fast speeding roadrunner back in the day, feels like a turtle with diarrhoea these days when compared to the modern day tackle.

Abu Garcia recently showcased a reel at the ICast 2020 that is claimed to be the lightest spinning reel ever made. This “heliumized” spinning reel is called the Abu Garcia Zenon. The Abu Garcia Zenon does not look like the usual Abu Garcia spinning reels. It looks a bit odd. The rotor and spool section if placed somewhat offset to the reel’s body. It looks a bit odd but attractive.

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The Abu Garcia Zenon Spinning Reel. Photo Credit: Pure Fishing @ICast 2020.

Despite the freedom to fish again, remember that all SOPs are to be adhered too for our own safety as well as that of the nation’s. One thing to note is this; although the in this stage called the RMCO, almost everything is back to normal. But not the normal that we once know. It is the new normal. This includes how we travel, the emphasis of this article.

Travelling is a big part of fishing. We travel to fishing spots. We travel by car, planes, trains, boats, etc. It is not unusual for us to share transportation when we go on fishing trips. Fishing buddies share vehicles all the time as this not only makes the journey a lot more fun. It also brings down the cost in terms of money as well as the carbon footprint of the trip. In short, it is more efficient.


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