Johnson Crappie Buster Spin R’ Grubs


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When it comes to catching fish one’s skills and lure matters. Needless to say that if the water you are fishing in has got no fish, you will not be catching anything. But if there are fishes around and you are a skilled angler; using a lure that is very good at attracting fish will certainly put you ahead. This brings me to a neat little soft lure; the Johnson Crappie Buster Spin R’ Grubs.

I am a big fan of soft baits and have been catching plenty of fishes from a huge variety of species, with them. They work because they have appendages that move “sexily” attracting fishes nearby. Of course some move better than others. Some soft baits come scented like those from Berkley and they are superb.

What I like about the Johnson Crappie Buster Spin R’ Grubs is that the soft bait (grub) dances its “sexy” moves by wiggling its tail in a sexy way. The jighead that it comes with also comes attached with a shiny little spinner that attracts the attention of fishes within the fishing zone, and irritates the heck out of them getting them in a mood to attack.

I have caught a good number of fishes on the Johnson Crappie Buster Spin R’ Grubs such as barramundis, snakeheads, peacock bass, banded cichlid, etc. It is a very effective lure to use. The grub and spinner can be replaced with other softbaits and spinners should the one’s it comes with get eaten or damaged. The Johnson Crappie Buster Spin R’ Grubs will certainly help you catch lots of fish.



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