Going Military Style: Abu Garcia Zata Reels

By The Angler

Military colours such green, or rather military styled green; seem to resonate well with some folks. Perhaps it is the association of “toughness” to the military that gets them going. I have seen matte green cars on the road, matte green trucks (that look awesome), etc. There a lots of folks who walk about it green camo t-shirts and pants too. I am guilty to some extent but my shirts are more hunter and less military. But they all originated from the same pot of broth if you get my drift.

So what has that got to do with fishing? Well, fishing takes place in the wild or at least outdoors. Yes, there are commercial pay-ponds as most anglers have got jobs and these places are where they go to ease the itch. Anglers generally prefer to fish in the wild and given that opportunity, they will head out to the lakes, dams, rivers, and some do hike for hours (even days) in the jungle to get to their secret spot. Hence, the association with adventure, outdoors, jungle, and it leads down to “toughness” and that leads to hunting designs, military designs, etc.

Many fishing tackle companies and outdoor companies know this and they make products for those who do like such things. Abu Garcia recently launched the military coloured (matte green) reels and rods called Abu Garcia Zata. These military themed tackle may either get instant hoorays from some and from the others, a little bit more time to like the design; mainly colours. I am with the others on this one.

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The Abu Garcia Zata reels; military design.”

Here’s my thought. If it were to only be in the military styled matte green colour; I personally would have not paid attention. If it were camo coloured; my interest would certainly had been piqued. However, the red colours added to the green makes a lot of difference in the design and cosmetics; especially the red lines on the carbon fibre ring at the star drag (low profile baitcasting reel). That looks like a military time piece or meter. It certainly has grown on me and I have taken a liking to it.

Abu Garcia Zata Low Profile Reels

The Abu Garcia Zata low profile reels comes in the sleek shape and design of the current range of Abu Garcia low profile reels such as the world renown Revo series reels. These reels in their colour looks like sleek futuristic battle tanks. As mentioned above, it was not one of those reel designs that made me go gaga, but after a few minutes of taking it all in; I like it.

Abu Garcia Zata Spinning Reels

Abu Garcia Zata spinning reels too come in the same colours as the baitcasting reels. But two things that caught my eye are the carbon fibre handle that goes very well with the military matte green colours, and the drag control cap which looks awesome. It looks like one of the handles for a container that stores plutonium, or nuclear waste; the type of container that military folks or nuclear scientist folks use in many of the movies.


10 stainless steel ball bearings + 1 roller bearing provides smooth operation

Lightweight aluminum frame

Rocket Line Management™ System™ provides better control of all types of fishing lines

Rocket spool lip design™ allows better control of line coming off the spool

Machined aluminum braid ready spool allows braid to be tied directly to the spool without any slip

Everlast™ bail system for improved durability

Stainless steel main shaft and components for improved corrosion resistance

I am eagerly awaiting for the opportunity to fishes with these reels (and also the Abu Garcia Zata rod) to see how they perform. Abu Garcia says that the 1000th cast should be as smooth as the first cast. This implies that these reels are built tough and should be as smooth even on its 1000th cast as when it was new. Challenge accepted.


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