Test Drives: Berkley PowerBait Pro Grub

By The Angler

Being an avid soft bait (soft plastic) user, I have fished with a good number of soft baits out at sea, at lakes, rivers, ponds, etc. One of these soft baits that have been adorning my jigheads is the Berkley PowerBait Pro Grub.  Well, the previous few field testing trips and a on a recent one since fishing is allowed again, we have been testing the PowerBait Pro Grub.

The Rig

As with most softbaits, the Berkley PowerBait Pro Grub can be rigged Texas style (Texas rig) using a worm hook, or the recommended rig that is to use it on a jighead. Personally, I prefer to use the Pro Grub with a jighead. This also depends on where I am fishing. On our testing grounds, snags are such as weeds, water plants, etc. are none existence. There are snags but these snags are usually avoidable.

[  Berkley PowerBait Pro Grub comes with a tail that has a sexy wiggle and a ribbed body that creates vibrations. The vibrations emitted attracts fish by “tickling” the lateral lines of fishes…   ]

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Berkley Powerbait Pro Grub seeing action.

Fishing It

Fishing them depends on what my targeted fish species is. For barramundis I prefer a 2 inch Pro Grub fished fast. I reserve the bigger Pro Grubs for groupers, snappers, mangrove jacks, Amazon red tail catfish, etc. For these fishes I vary the speed based on the condition of the water. I slow down when I feel that the fishes are sluggish. I speed up when they are active.

Features That Entice Fish

 Berkley PowerBait Pro Grub comes with a tail that has a sexy wiggle and a ribbed body that creates vibrations. The vibrations emitted attracts fish by “tickling” the lateral lines of fishes, the tail is more of a visual attraction that makes the Pro Grub look as if it is swimming. But the one secret of the PowerBait’s prowess is that it has a built in scent that attracts fish to bite. When the fish takes a bite, more scent is emitted into the fishes mouth hence why they (fishes) hold on to them longer. Berkley claims 18 times longer. This is based on their test done in their lab with real fish.


On our last field testing trip we used the 3 inch Berkley PowerBait Pro Grub. We decided to go with darker colours because of the murky water condition. We targeted groupers on this trip. We cast out our baits and dragged them along the bottom on a slow to medium pace. The results were amazing. We caught plenty of groupers on the Pro Grub.

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The irresistible Berkley Powerbait Pro Grub and one of the groupers that fell prey to its exotic luring. 


One reason why fishes like the Pro Grub (or any other Berkley PowerBait softbaits) is because of its built in scent. One way to get more of the scent out is to first puncture the body of the softbaits that you are using. Doing so allows more scent to be released. When you fish these baits slow, it allows for a scent trail to be created. Fishes that are attracted to scent will follow the trail to your softbait.


The Berkley PowerBait Pro Grub is an awesome bait. They catch lots of fish. One thing to note is that like other lures, colours (or rather shades) are important. It is best to match the colours to the condition of the water for best results. Also fish them based on the action that your target fishes prefer. Remember to make good use of its prowess; its scent.

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