Berkley PowerBait® The Champ Craw

By The Angler

If you are looking for a bait that looks like a crawfish, the Berkley PowerBait’s new The Champ Craw maybe one to tickle your target fishes with. Designed by two time Bassmaster Classic® winner Jordan Lee; the Berkley® PowerBait® The Champ Craw looks somewhat like the real thing; crawfish. It comes with colours that attract fish too.

The Berkley PowerBait® The Champ Craw has appendages (claws and legs) that  move about underwater when being played or manipulated by the angler. These movements to make them attractive to fishes nearby; calling them in for a closer look. A few more movements will have fishes excited. What comes next is the whack! And then, all hell breaks loose.


Pro Designed by Jordan Lee

Lifelike profile and high-definition colors mimic real bait

Large claws float for more lifelike action

Body shape is ideal for Texas rigs, punching rigs and jig trailers


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