Fenwick Golden Wing Pro Edition


When it comes to Fenwick rods, one will not go wrong. Fenwick has been making quality rods for many many years; since its inception back in 1952. Over 60 years later we now come to one of the latest series from Fenwick, the Fenwick Golden Wing series. The model that I have in hand is the Fenwick Golden Wing Pro Edition, rated Medium action.


The Fenwick logo on the rubber end cap of the Golden Wing Pro Edition.

Colours And Cosmetics

Rod blank (Butt Section): brown carbon fibre wrap at with black, gold and silver windings

 Rod blank (Tip Section): dark brown, gold, and silver guide windings

Reel seat: Glossy black

Reel seat nut: carbon fibre wrapped with gold washer

Reel seat nut end: black with gold cut-outs

Grip / Handle: black EVA with rubber cork (synthetic cork) and gold washers

End Cap: black with Fenwick logo


Carbon fiber reel seat nut gives the Golden Wing a sporty look.

The Look

The Fenwick Golden Wing rod has an elegantly classical look; perhaps like an old sniper rifle. Taking a closer look at the butt section of the rod, one sees that it has a carbon fibre wrap. It is probably black carbon fibre wrap with a layer of brown over it. The gold windings help give it the elegant and expensive look.


High quality IM7 Nano high carbon blank gives the rod better sensitivity and backbone power.

Quality Blank

The Fenwick Golden Wing comes with a high quality blank made to perform. It uses a IM7 Nano High Carbon blank. This blank is a high performance blank with a strong backbone, good sensitivity, and a tip that leverages the battle over to the angler’s side; meaning that it helps the angler during battles by inserting more pressure on the fish and lesser pressure on the angler.


Quality reel seat creates the  look of a rifle.

Weight And Balance

As for weight, I find the one that I have to be not too bad. The weight of this Medium action rod (the one that I have) can be felt when the rod is vertical but the weight disappears when the rod is horizontal or at the fishing position; with a reel attached. This is because it is a very well balanced rod and in horizontal position the weight is distributed out evenly.


The Fenwick Golden Wing Pro Edition comes with high quality Fuji Components. 

High Quality Components

Components are integral to the performance of a fishing rod. The Fenwick Golden Wing comes with Fuji components. The guides are high quality Fuji guides that are durable and tough. The reel seat is also from Fuji and Fuji reel seats are known for their durability and grip. They hold on to reels very well securing them in place.


Hybrid EVA and faux cork handle.

Handles / Grip

The model that I have comes with a split rear handle / grip. It is a casting model. The handles or grips are EVA with rubber or synthetic cork at the ends. These too adds to the classic look of the rod. In terms of practicality, the rubber or synthetic cork at the end of the middle EVA grip provides a bit more friction allowing the angler to have a better grip during the cast (lesser rod slide).


Top view of the reel seat on the Fenwick Golden Wing Pro Edition.

A Test To Come

As of now I have not put the Fenwick Golden Wing to the test yet but I am looking forward to giving it some torture. As far as I can tell, the Fenwick Golden Wing rod looks good and has all the makings of a high performance rod. It should then perform very well out in the field. Pay attention to a field test article in future issues.

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