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Welcome to The Angler Issue 69. There has since been a slight shift in the tectonic plates of our fishing world. More anglers are moving towards fly fishing, something most fishing tackle manufacturers and distributors have for long thought will not happen… but we are seeing it now. For those making the move Pure Fishing Malaysia has brought in the fabulous Pflueger fly reel and Fenwick Ironhawk rod fly combo. This is a fantastic setup especially for beginners. 

In this issue we also look at the new awesome and fun reel by Abu Garcia called the Abu Garcia Silver Max; a fabulous value for money reel. We had lots of fun fishing with it.

Have fun reading this issue.

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We tested out some awesome fishing tackle recently and some of them the Abu Garcia Silver Max spinning reel, the Pflueger reel and Fenwick Nighthawk Fly Combo. There are more too. Click on the articles below to read. 

Abu Garcia Silver Max is a capable fun and smooth reel that is great value for money. Fantastic for light tackle game.

The Pflueger and Fenwick Fly Combo is a fantastic set to fish with. It is also a fantastic set for beginners who want to learn fly fishing.

The Berkley Bad Shad is designed to swim in a sexy irresistible manner, rolling from side to side and wagging its tail to catch more fish.

The Berkley dredger is designed to stay at the fishing zone longer by rising slowly. They all come with rattlers to attract predators.


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Fishing lines are super important and many a times I have emphasized using high quality fishing lines. It is after all the connector between the angler and the fish.

Penn Clash is a series of fishing rods from Penn that are made tough and capable, ready to do battle with tough predator fishes.

Penn reels are well known for their toughness and ability to subdue strong fighters. They have been the ‘go to’ reels for saltwater big game anglers; here comes the Titan.

Here are two fishing fashion products recently launched by Berkley and Fenwick.

Berkley has recently launched a new range of stylish eyewear or sunglasses. These stylish eyewear comes ready with polarized lenses to help you spot fish while fishing.

The Fenwick Trucker Caps are caps made for the angler. These caps provides ample ventilation and comfort, as well as protection from the sun.


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Apart from fishing, we love to travel and enjoy the local flavours of the places we visit. Here are our recommendations of where to eat and stay. These articles are shared from our sister magazine; Escapy Travel Magazine.

The Batang Kali Bamboo Briyani serve  very delicious briyani rice. This briyani rice style originated in India and the owners learned it there and brought it over. This is why it is so delicious.

Nasi lemak is one of the local favourites. There are many nasi lemak places in Kuala Lumpur and one of the best is Nasi Lemak Saleha.

A coffee shop (kopitiam) that brings one on a nostalgic journey back to earlier days via delicious food from the Malay, Chinese, and Indian community in Malaysia.

Pacific Express Hotel Chinatown is conveniently located in a place that is walking distance to Chinatown, bus stations, Central Market, food places, etc.  

Fishing is fun and can get technical. Learning additional techniques will certainly help you with your fishing. Remember, learning never stops.

Fishing can sometimes be frustrating especially when one sees a fish but cannot cast to it because something or someone is in the way. Learning more techniques helps.

With fly fishing picking up here in Malaysia, the International Fly Fishing Festival was recently held in Taman Botani Shah Alam, Selangor.

international fly fishing festival 2018 in Shah Alam, Selangor; saw the coming together of fly fishos to share knowledge, improve skills, and have fun.

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