The Angler Magazine Issue 82

Prawning Part 3: River Prawning

Fishing for prawns at rivers at rivers is fun. Larger river prawns or blue pincer prawns do put up quite a fight and is fun to fish.

The Curse Of The Unlucky Fishing Tackle Part 6

Things like salinity of water, barometric pressure, temperature, and the health of the water we are fishing in does affect our fishing. Learn how here.

Swellpro Splashdrone 3+

Splashdrone 3+ is a 100% waterproof drone that does not mind dropping into a lake, or river, or even the sea. It can turn itself around on water and take off again.

MCO And Anglers

Stuck at home; quarantined due to the deadly Corona Virus but we can still have fun. Wonder what folks around the world are having fun while staying home?


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