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Knots are a big and important part of every angler’s life. Knots make the difference between landing fish and losing fish. Most anglers are well versed when it comes to tying knots. After all, an angler will most likely have tied plenty of knots; usually the few knots that he or she is used too but plenty of times.


Hook sharpener.

To make knot tying easier and faster, there are knot tying tools available in the market. These handy tools come in a few shapes and sizes. This one here is like a mini Swiss Army Knife for knot tying and fishing in general. It comes with tools that an angler will need such as a line cutter, hook eye cleaner, hook sharpener, a metal hook holder to tighten the knot, and a line tying tool.


Red circle: Hook eye cleaner. Yellow circle: a ring to hang hooks onto when tightening the knot.

line tie

The hook tying tool.


Line cutter.

The good thing about this knot tying tool is that it is small, handy, easy to carry, and is relatively cheap. This certainly is a good and handy tool to add to one’s tackle box.  

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