Things That Anglers Do While Quarantined

By The Angler

It is difficult staying at home for weeks on end and not get to wet our lines. But safety comes first before hobbies and thus we stay home to be safe. People being humans will get creative and start doing things to break their boredom. We decided to scour the internet in search of videos to see what some of the anglers around the world are doing during this “pandemically” hard period.

Here are some of the videos of a few lucky anglers who actually got to fish while being stuck at home, and some videos that are just hilarious.

Note: we do not own any of these videos. We are sharing them just for fun and if you like some of the videos and if you decide to subscribe to their channels; feel free to do so.

Fishing From Home

Let’s start of with a funny video by Captain Quinn who is stuck at home like many of us anglers are. He tied his leaders but has no where to go wet his lines. But fish he must. So this is what he did.

PKP Fishing 

When you are not allowed to go fishing but you have the urge to fish; anglers will resort to all sorts of things. This here is a funny video of an angler having fun at the compound of his house with his rod, reel, and line. This gives new meaning to term land based fishing.

Quarantine Fishing

This short video is created Alex Cook & Allyn Thomas. When people get bored and the creative process kicks in, we get videos such as this. Bath tub fishing, many have tried but few …

Fishing During The PKP

This video is both funny and sad; depending on how emotionally connected a person you are. This here is a video of an angler who misses going out fishing so much that he picked up his broom, fishing rod, and rowed his bed in a make believe lake. The song in the background certainly enhances the emotional vibe.

Quarantine Fishing

With this video we transition from the funnies to the luck ones. This video is by APPA Outdoors. A father and son; both anglers are stuck indoors. What do they do? Go fishing of course; right at home.

The Lucky Folks

Not everyone has to “play fishing” while being stuck at home. Not everyone has to relief that fishing itch by fishing their pets. Here are some folks who actually get to catch fish from the comfort of their homes.

Window Fishing at Home Quarantine

Here is a video on Bata Ni Benito’s channel; fishing from a window of his bedroom. I cannot tell if there is a canal or saltwater river beneath his window but the fishes caught are alive. Perhaps there is. Anyhow, it will certainly be nice to be able to catch fish from your bedroom window.¬†

Fishing From Home

Next is a video by Kakapon Supopon (in Japan I think); a lucky angler who lives beside a big drain that is home to some decent size fish. Although this video was not shot during the quarantine period but it certainly is worth a watch. It would be nice to be able to do some fishing from the window of your home.

Balcony Fishing

This here is a guy who cast out his bait from his balcony because he got bored (according to the person shooting the video). Who wouldn’t get bored being stuck at home? At least he got to have some fun during this lockdown.

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