Cutting edge design with carbon handle! Lightweight 185g high value low profile bait finesse reel that inherited the REVO gene

    • Light weight 185g
    • Super duralumin BF spool
    • Super duralumin gear
    • 80mm crank dura carbon handle
    • HPCR ball bearing
    • Super duralumin gear shaft
    • Deyura metal frame
    • MAGTRAX-X brake system
    • φ33mm spool
    • Salt shield pinion BB
    • Lure keeper

Left and right: Lightweight ultra-super duralumin spools that are designed with a thin wall in consideration of strength (33mm spool). Centre: Magtrax-X Magnetic Brake System


Left: Dura Metal Aluminum frame is focused on weight reduction without reducing strength. Top Middle: Dura Clutch; a tougher clutch built for durability. Top Right: Backup Ratchet. Bottom: Super Duralumin Gear and Gear Shaft for light weight and strength.

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