The Curse Of The Unlucky Fishing Tackle Part 5 – Nature: Tides And Currents

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There are many reasons why we sometimes spend hours fishing and catch nothing. Sometimes it is down to luck but most of the time luck may not be the issue as we have seen in the earlier four articles. So, worry not as you fishing tackle has not been cursed with bad luck; well, at least don’t worry about it for now. Maybe, just maybe you did not catch anything because nature had something to do with it.

Tides And Currents

Certain boats charters that bring anglers to super popular “fishing holes” are usually fully booked throughout the year. Yet, there are days where one can easily make a booking even at the very last minute. Why is that so? Have you ever asked yourself this question or at least wondered why this is so? The answer is quite simple. These are usually the dates where the tides are the least favourable for fishing. They may be superb for jet boat racing, rowing competitions, and long distance swimming. Or they may be good for surfing, but not for fishing or too dangerous for fishing.

The Angler Magazine, The Angler, The Asian Angler fishing tackle, why I can't catch fish, unlucky tackle, fun fishing,

Fishing boats heading back to shore. Calm on the surface, fast below (currents).

Note that the tides change all the time; sometimes we get two changes in a day, and sometimes four changes in a day. What I meant is that certain places we see two high tides and two low tides a day (semi diurnal), and some we only se one high and one low (diurnal). But there are days that seems like the sea is a sleep and there are no tidal movements. I have been out to sea fishing where the water is like a mirror’s surface; no waves. The condition below the surface is as calm; no current. You could drop in a tiny 3g jig and have go straight to the bottom.

In such conditions, fishing becomes super challenging (not impossible but just really bad). One thing to note is that movements below the surface of the water brings about food such as baitfish, crustaceans, plankton, etc. Fishes that eat these things come out of their “hiding holes” and start to feast. But when there is no water movement, the fishes go “home” and seldom wonder out. They could be hiding in the rocks, under the sand, etc. Fishing them thus becomes very challenging. It is not just the fishes. Even birds take a break.

A quiet rod does not mean bad luck. How’s the situation below the surface of the water? This here is something to ponder.

This brings me to a time where I had some guests who insisted on going out to sea to do some fishing against the better judgement of my boatman who advised against it as the fishing will be hard, and we do not bring guests to fish at the corals where diving is done. They were told that the sea conditions are not good for fishing as there is no water movement (current).

Always take heed to local knowledge when it comes to fishing (and other activities that involves nature). At the end we did take them out to sea and they had plenty of wonderful long naps afloat atop a serene sea; returning in the evening with no fish to show. The baits used were right, fishing tackle used were right, weather was good (no rain but also no wind), but the water conditions were not favourable for fishing.  

The Key

So, the next time you try your luck and manage to make a last minute booking for a trip out to sea, rushed to your favourite tackle shop, purchased all the necessary tackle both needed and wanted; but did not catch anything… don’t be too quick think that your fishing rod, reel, lines, etc. is unlucky. Ponder a while. It could very well be nature and not your newly acquired fishing tackle. So, the key to unlocking this curse is to choose good tides even if you have to wait some time.



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