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Welcome to The Angler Issue 82. In this issue we test the fabulous new Abu Garia Revo reels that were designed in Japan; the Revo Deez 8 and Revo Ultracast BF8. We also take a look at prawn fishing (prawning) and in this issue we look at the tackle needed for prawning. In the Action Zone we look at Fishing in Prima Lake, Puchong, Selangor.

In this issue we also continue on our journey through Fly Fishing with Part 8, taking a look at wet flies. It also so happens that we are currently hit by a pandemic. With that in mind we decided to bring some laughter with a poem called The Corona Virus Effect. Do check that out and plenty of other articles.  

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The Abu Garcia Revo Deez 8 comes with the well established built tough and yet lightweight Durametal frame that is tough and durable.

The Abu Garcia Revo Ultracast BF8 comes with the well established built tough and yet lightweight Durametal frame that is tough and durable.

What I like about the Johnson Crappie Buster Spin R’ Grubs is that the soft bait (grub) dances its “sexy” moves by wiggling its tail in a sexy way.

Fishing’ Trippin’

Within a few casts, both Sein and Nas obtained bites. Both of them fished their carolina rigged soft plastics at a steady pace.

Knowledge Wise

Fly fishing is an art. What fly to use is science. Wet flies are made to look like insects, baitfish, shrimps, etc. that are found in nature.

When it comes to curses, many of you are probably excited. Some of you are probably looking at your screens weird. Well, read on to understand better.

Prawn fishing is a lot of fun too. The fishing tackle used for fishing prawns are different to those that we use when fishing. Prawn fishing can be done by all.

Fishes can decide whether to eat  or not to eat. They can decide what they want to eat. They have moods. They have feelings. All this affects their mood.

Tackle Information

Bits Of Fun

Fishing is not just about catching. It is also about having fun. With the Corona Virus locking us at home, fishing has since been somewhat banned until the “lock down” is lifted. So here is a poem to bring some laughter to you.

The Corona Virus may have hit us and locked us at home. This is a funny poem by an angler to lighten the mood and share some laughter in these dark times.

Here are 10 positively good things you can do to help make these 14 days lockdown a good one for you


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